Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Adventures in Cake Decorating

What can you pull together with 2 bottles of food colouring, a cup each of shortening and butter, and 8 cups of icing sugar?

Last night Tory and I hosted a number of her friends for "A Very British Birthday" celebration in honour of her 25th. I volunteered to make the cake, happy for an excuse to bake something that I wouldn't have to eat all by myself. I am beyond pleased with how it turned out, especially considering that I didn't once feel like I hated the project and it was doomed to fail. I also didn't kill my wrists piping all the little starbursts on to the cake.

Lessons learned:

1) Use a ziploc bag instead of a white pastry bag for piping. That way you don't have to wash anything thoroughly coated with food colouring.

2) Err on the side of over-greasing the cake pan to avoid turning only the top half of the cake out on a cooling rack.