Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Open Letter to Academics

Dear people of academia,

Writing constitutes a large portion of your jobs, and its important that you be good at it. This consistent mistake, appearing everywhere from NSERC applications to published papers, really makes me ashamed of you.

AFFECT: verb "... how X affects Y ..."
EFFECT: noun "... the effect of X on Y..."

Thank you,

An Open Letter to the Cat

Dear Twiggy,

I think it's time we had a talk. You've been acting out a lot in the last few days, and I suspect it may be a cry for attention. If you want attention, you know I'm more than happy to scratch ears and belly when you jump into my lap without clawing me.

Last night, for example, you though it necessary to hunt my rug at 4am. Getting sleep at this time is very important to me, and you should know that I can't sleep through that much noise. It rubs salt in the wound when you mew until I get out of bed and then take my warm spot and fall asleep once I get up, thinking you have to be fed.

What can I do to accommodate your sleeping through the night? You seem to have no problem sleeping 8 consecutive hours at other times of day. We're adults in this household, and being able to sleep through the night is critical.


Monday, February 25, 2008

33 things I did before getting to my productive week

1) Went back to sleep

2) Emailed Dave about sore post-workout arms keeping me from being productive

3) Started cleaning my room

4) Finished the last chapter of "bright lights, big ass"

5) Finished cleaning my room

6) Fiddled with itunes

7) Checked my email

8) Checked facebook, started a group

9) Checked my RSS feeds

10) Checked my email

11) Started making a bagel for breakfast

12) Cut up cheese to melt on said bagel (mmmm)

13) Looked at nutritional information on cheese for a 1/4" cube, and then at my 2"x"1/2"x1/2" rectangular prism of cheese and decided a heart attack is worth a melty cheese bagel.

14) Resolved never to look at nutritional information of cheese again.

15) Ate cheesy bagel while on facebook and feed reader

16) Decided to print off weekly calendars

17) Decided to dust cat hair off printer first

18) Dusted printer, radiator, and window sill. They are still covered in cat hair.

19) Created calendars

20) Print function doesn't work

21) Reboot

22) Pet Twiggy, try to keep her claws out of my thigh

23) Print function works - but my printer list is gone

24) Realize that my sexy new operating system (Leopard) won't speak with my un-sexy (but very useful) printer.

25) Do a bit of internet research to make sure that's the case

26) It is the case, as far as I can tell.

27) Check my email

28) Go back to my room to draw up a list of things to do without the assistance of my calendar printout.

29) Join online knitting community "Ravelry"

30) Draw up list of things I should be doing

31) Decide to make tea

32) Think about how many things I've done that haven't been productive

33) Start a blog about it

.... am I ever going to graduate?