Friday, March 14, 2008

Is there psychotherapy for cats?

.. or maybe just drugs?

I think Twiggy has gone off the deep end.

She's been running up and down the hallway for the last 20 minutes. She just snuck into my room to spy on me. If I hadn't caught her disappearing black tail and heard the telltale thrumming of tiny paws on hardwood flooring, her stealth probably would have been complete.

Earlier this morning, she scared the pants off me. She snuck into my room while I was dutifully working on my papers (and NOT reading about submitting novels to Harlequin Presents) and I turned around to find her sitting on my rug. Staring at me.

I snapped the following pictures, because even though it was scary and she was covered in dust she looked pretty cute. She actually tolerated the camera in her face for a few minutes before running off. Something is definitely wrong with her.

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