Saturday, May 8, 2010

And my commentary:

This week I'm at the vision sciences society annual conference in Naples, Florida. It's basically awesome. I left my laptop in Montreal in a moment of wild bravery, and so am relying on my iPhone and public wireless at the hotels for all my computing needs. Free wifi can be tricky, and I know I haven't been keeping in touch, so here's a brief summary of my experiences.

(Not quite as brief as the description of my research I gave to the bigwig who asked for "the story in three sentences", but close. PS - it took me five sentences, but he forgave me.)

Things I love about resort conferences
- when the resort employees circle the poolside with free sample drinks
- tropical flowers that fall on my papers as I'm reading
- waterslides
- half-days without events scheduled
- swag! (water bottle, bag, 2 pens and counting)

Things I hate about resort conferences
- resort music (margaritaville, anything with steel drums)
- air conditioned conference rooms chilling my sandaled feet and bare arms (how long till I can go back to the pool?)

It's a rough life, but I'll manage.

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