Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Harebrained Scheme

I'm not a baker in even the loosest interpretation of the word. I've forgotten to put milk in cake mix and wondered why my batter is the consistency of fudge. That said, I do like a challenge and an opportunity to do something that people say is hard. (This approach didn't seem to apply to my undergraduate math classes. Calculus and algebra were not fun challenges).

One of my favourite blogs is CakeWrecks. I love looking at all the disaster cakes, but also enjoy the showstopping "sunday sweets" cakes that were done right. CakeWrecks has an annual affiliation with Threadless, the user-designed t-shirt store that made buying Christmas gifts for my brothers that much easier. The result: Threadcakes. The mission: render any Threadless t-shirt design in cake.

One of last year's winners.
Obviously, this is the sort of thing I could pull off, right?

I don't know if I'll ever do it, but if I do, this is the design I picked:

Threadless tee "No Repeats"
I'm picturing a square cake carved in half with fondant on top. I can add the darker details with food colouring paint, the highlights with a combination of icing and cane sugar for sparkle. The snowflake could be constructed by piping an icing that hardens on to waxed paper (even with a template underneath to trace) with a few stakes out the side to anchor it into the cake. No clue how I'd make little men though...

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  1. I'm in Liz. A great mother-daughter activity. We'll sculpt the little men out of marzipan. Where do we sign up? When is the competition?