Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let the Spreadsheeting Begin

Thinking about wedding planning is an awesome way to procrastinate on my schoolwork. Yesterday, instead of a gloriously well-crafted progress paper I produced a venue cost-comparison spreadsheet that is both sufficiently elaborate, and very easy to update as we get more information on the actual expenses at each venue. Behold:

The yellow cells can be changed, the red cells are guesstimates and must be changed.
Other than that, it's all self-updating 
I'm glad we aren't planning this somewhere (like Toronto) with a hundred thousand possible venues. We narrowed the options in Kingston down to five front-runners pretty easily.


  1. This is gorgeous. How I love Excel. (Daniel)

  2. Thank you! This is google docs, not excel so there's even an added bonus of easy sharing with Dave, Mom, and Dad so I'm not the only person who has an organized idea of what needs to be researched.