Thursday, June 16, 2011

April and May and June??

This post goes out to Chantal and Andrew for calling me out on abandoning my procrastination station. 

I have no idea where spring went, but now I'm sitting barefoot in my apartment in a sundress with the AC on (very low). Fortunately, my digital photos are date-stamped, so I can recover some idea of what happened.

In April I went to an "I'm on a boat"-themed bachelorette party for our beloved T-bride Meg,

Landlubber Liz and Admiral Anna
and Chantal made her famous jello shots (only one bottle of vodka! .... a texas mickey).

Not pictured: two additional trays
Dave and I went to Kingston to celebrate Easter with family,

Posing with my lovely cousins. 
and then went off to Ottawa for a wedding. We paused in Montebello to drink a caesar by the lake before returning to Montreal.

I started May by jetting off to Naples, Forida for the annual Vision Sciences Society conference. The banquets and beach were nearly as much fun as the lectures and posters.

The cabanas by the small pool. Life in Naples is rough.
After I got back, Twiggy missed me terribly and needed some serious snuggles.

That's her holding on to my arm.
It was difficult to work in this position. 
Twiggy and I together worked hard on some papers (both for degree requirements and publication).

And by "together" I mean "she napped"
I went out for dumplings with friends from the lab,

Where the teacups are beyond adorable - it's a little dumpling.
and then we watched a live taping of Quirks and Quarks Questions. A professor in our research unit was one of the experts they had answering questions.

"Do we all see the same colours?"
In June, Dave and I were in Peterborough for his sister Andrea and now brother-in-law Matt's gorgeous wedding,

I love this photo - I don't care if it isn't in focus
and then in Ottawa, reunited with the 152 Johnson ladies for Megan & Earl's fantastic wedding party. My feet hurt more than my head the next morning, so I know I'm getting old. And need to stop wearing stilettos if they don't have platforms.

Roomies (n. plural). Sisters, therapists, lovahs, chocolate dealers,
fellow procrastinators, motivators, and people who make sure you never drink alone.
In between, I've been keeping up with yoga, finished the course work for my last class ever, submitted my first journal article, read the latest book from Wheel of Time (and have since been re-reading the original series), and have been admiring the pictures on too many wedding websites.



  1. Best caption ever on that picture (and I still need a copy!)

  2. Thankya! I'm going to recommend harassing Dave on FB or google+, because he has the full res version.