Thursday, April 8, 2010

Niagara Falls (2007 trip)

Today, Dave and I are back in Niagara Falls for a mini vacation (or a big date). We were discussing our previous trips to Niagara Falls this morning, and it became apparent that I had forgotten last year's dinner at a fondue and grill hot spot. To ensure that I don't forget such an important part of our dating past again, I shall here record Things We Have Done In Niagara Falls so that I remember, and so that others may decide what they want to do when they're in the area. 

Because if blogging is anything, it's a public service, right?

Our first trip to Niagara Falls was the long weekend in May 2007. This was our most touristy trip. We settled into a Fallsview hotel (Embassy Suites) and had dinner downstairs at The Keg. This Keg has huge awesome windows that overlook the falls. If your witty banter over dinner ever fails (this would never happen to me), you at least have something to look at. In the spring and summer, there are fireworks displays over the falls at night, which you can enjoy during your dinner as well. We made a mistake here, because it got dark REALLY late, and we were hungry long before that. So, the fireworks started just as we were getting our bill, and we missed a lot of the show heading back to the room hoping to get some photos from there.

American Falls at night

We didn't end up getting any photos of the fireworks, but we did take some fun shots of the city and the American falls (above) at night. We ditched Embassy Suites that morning after a lovely stay, and parked just behind the falls (map-A).

We walked along the Parkway/River Road FOREVER, stopping to take photos and have lunch partway along. It was a gorgeous day for May - not too hot, but still unseasonably warm - that we loved spending the time outside, but weren't suffering. That said, after we got to the place to buy shuttle tickets (B), we took the opportunity before walking to the whirlpool and getting on the next shuttle there.

Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist

We took the shuttle to the Butterfly Conservatory, which was AMAZING. The staff and other guests were really friendly, and we had a ton of fun with the camera. I also took my first half-decent photo with an SLR:

A butterfly posing at the conservatory

After all that, it was late afternoon and we were exhausted, so we hopped back on the shuttle to go all the way back to the car at the mouth of the falls. 

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